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Welcome to Wellness Center LLC new website

Friday October 13, 2017 - 16:17:40
Super Admin
The Chairman, Board of Directors, Management and staff of Wellness Center LLC wish to extend a warm welcome to all visitors to this new website. The new site features a visually appealing design integrated into a user friendly interface making it easy for you to navigate the site.

The 21st century is characterized by technological advancement. It is therefore extremely difficult for any organization, whether public or private, to survive without a website, if it is to remain current, build brand equity and maintain a competitive advantage.

Wellness Center, a mental health agency, located in Lewiston, Maine works diligently to empower community members to strive for a better lifestyle. We provide Targeted Case Management Services along with employment, housing and community integration resources. Our team works hard to provide our clients with linguist and culturally competent services to bridge gaps that exist among various providers in the community. 

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